This is a piece of classical piano-music, which is written in June and July 1992 for a small theatre in the Hague. It's based on a short story about a young elephant. A violin-teacher who had seen the score was enthusiastic and the people of the theatre asked some pianists if they could play the piece, but because it was quite difficult to play and there wasn't enough time to practise, the performance had to be done by a computer and a synthesizer. Nevertheless, it would be nice to hear it being played on a real piano. It is difficult to describe the music, but someone compared it with the work of Charles Ives. I think my music is not so difficult to listen to as his music. Watch out for the stampede of the elephant. The before mentioned violin-teacher wrote me a letter to compliment me for my composition and to tell me he was impressed. This is one of the few compositions made on the Amiga which is transferred to Cubase, so I could print a score. The music starts of slowly and at some point it gets more agitated. Later on it gets easier and it sounds a bit tottering, after which the music is getting joyfull, to symbolise the feast of the fifth anniversary of the theatre.


24/4/'93, 5/12/'99

Instrument used for the recording:

E-mu Proteus/1

When I got my sampler, I decided to record it again, but this time with a sampled piano.



Instrument used for the recording:

Akai Z4 sampler

Instrument the music is written for:


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Original version

CD version