Did something happen?

This was really the last composition I wrote with DMCS. I suppose I wrote it somewere in November 1990 and it is only recorded in the studio of Ferdi Lancee on November the 23th in 1990. It is written for two piano's and this is why I never recorded it at home. The pianosounds which I could use at that time weren't very satisfying. I transfered it to Cubase and I'm trying to make it worthwhile to record it with better equipment, but to be honest, I don't think this will ever happen. I have the feeling it is easier to write something completely new, then to improve something I have made a long time ago. The idea behind the piece is starting with some sort of classical technique called hoquetus, which dated from the thirteenth century. In this technique two instruments share a melody in a way that, if one instrument is playing, the other is resting and vice versa. At first the second piano takes over just one note and this is where the title came from. Later on the two piano's are playing a sort of dialogue together.



Instruments used for the recording:


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2 pianos

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