Italian concerto

1 - (Allegro) - 4:15
2 - Andante - 4:54
3 - Presto - 4:50
When I worked with the Commodore Amiga I recorded an electronic version of a piece of baroque-music for my father, who liked this. I wasn't happy with it, but liked the idea to do something with classical music. Because my father thought the Italian Concerto by J.S. Bach did sound a bit poor I decided to arrange it for synthesizers, something like Wendy Carlos used to do. This was quite a job and after having completed the first part, which I arranged in January, February, March, April and May 1994, I stopped. I had borrowed the score from the library in The Hague and it should be returned. Because I liked the piece I finally recorded it on a re-writable CD. I've completed it in the year 2000 without the Bit 99, because this instrument gave some troubles. This version can be heard on my demo-CD ‘Electronic chamber music and more'.


Recorded: 21/2/'01

Instruments used for the recording:

E-mu Proteus/1, Kawai K1rII, Yamaha TX81Z

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