Piano salvation

1 - Andante - 3:34
2 - Allegro - 2:22
3 - Adagio - 2:48
4 - Presto - 2:03
5 - Andante - 6:36

When I read the URL of the website of 'Pain Of Salvation' (www.painofsalvation.com), my mind played a trick with me, so I read pianosalvation. I decided this would be a nice title for a new composition. Of course as the title suggested this had to be something for piano and in the end I decided to use even 4 of them. The idea was to have 2 piano's playing on stage and 2 at the back of the audience. Of course this couldn't be realised in the recording. I used 2 different piano-sounds of the sampler and 2 times the same sound from the Proteus/1. While working on it, I got more ideas and it got some sort of classical structure. In the end I used a theme from the opening, which was developed further, while I added counter-melodies. I started writting at the end of Januari 2004 and the writing was finished at the beginning of March 2004. After this I needed a long time to get things ready for recording.



Instruments used for the recording:

Akai Z4 sampler, E-mu Proteus/1

Instruments the music is written for:

4 Piano's

To be found on: