Pictures at an exhibition

For a long time, I played with the idea to make an adaptation of this famous composition by Modest Mussorgsky. I was inspired by the fact there were several arrangements for orchestra, besides the famous one by Ravel, and also adaptations for other instruments or ensembles, like one for church-organ, a synthsized version by Isao Tomita and the rock-version by Emerson Lake and Palmer. After finally finishing 'Italian concerto', this idea turned up again. After completing 'Wein und Weib, aber kein gesang im Dorf' and 'Vier Asse und ein Joker', and starting with my 'Rare bird suite', I decided it was time to do something different and I started with this new project. Only the first part was more or less completed. I started with the second part and after this, the whole thing was put on ice.
I wanted to concentrate more on my own compositions, because I finally got some positive reactions on parts of my 'Rare Bird Suite', which I had put on my homepage.