Perhaps this is the first piece I wrote in commission, if one forget the music I made during the fashion-show, mentioned in my biography. It was written in 1986 for some video-art, made by a friend of mine. I had a video-tape of it, but I erased it by accident. The music is still on a tape, but since my tape-deck wasn't functioning the way it should do, I couldn't play it. I have another tapedeck, I got from a friend of my dad, so when I feel like it, I'm going to transfer it to a CDR. It is mostly played by a Roland TB303 bass-line, which was connected with a Roland 101 synthesizer. I recorded 4 tracks with it, to provide some sequenced background for some improvisations. Every track was started by hand, so it sounded a bit messy, because they weren't syncronised. It is the only song that featured a Yamaha DX9, which I got in deposit, because my Bit 99 was away for repair. In the year 1998 I decided to record a new version. I had some sheet-music of the sequenced parts, so it should be easy. This wasn't really true, because it appeared I didn't have all the music. Perhaps I'll try it again in the future, but I wouldn't count on it.



Instruments used for the recording:

Roland TB303 bass-line, Roland system-100 model 101 synthesizer, Yamaha DX9