Rare bird flies north

After having finished 'Keeping the balance' I decided to try to write some simpler and perhaps a bit more commercial stuff. In 2005 I had bought some new instruments and I wanted to write something in which I only used this newly acquired instruments, which were a Nord G2 Engine and a Nord Electro. The latter I used for the electric piano, being a sample of the Yamaha CP80 and the first for some synthesizer-sounds, which I created myself. I wrote it in November and December 2005 and I only have recorded a demo-version. There are some flaws to be heard. I don't think it will be recorded again, because I've switched to a newer version of Cubase, which misses some of the things that were available on the version used for writing this song.

In May 2006 I started working on an arrangement of this song, by adding strings and trumpet from the sampler. This version would have been named 'Rare bird flies south'. I only did this on the intro and then I stopped working on it.



Instruments used for the recording:

Nord Electro 2, Nord G2 Engine

To be found on: