Red against

I started composing this piece in March 2006 and I wanted to write something in which I combined my new Nord instruments with the older instruments. I used both the Yamaha TX81Z and the Nord G2 Engine for synthesizer-sounds. The Nord Electro I used for organ and I incorporated a track for 2 drummers. I worked on it for several months and in June 2006 the composition was completed. I only recorded a demo-version, which still has some flaws.



Instruments used for the recording:

Akai Z4 sampler with Pro Samples vol. 42 Session Instruments: Alto-sax, Yamaha TX81Z, Nord G2 Engine, Nord Electro 2, E-mu Proteus/1

Instruments the music is written for:

Alto saxophone
Tenor saxophone
Drums (2 players)

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