This piece is written in February and March 1990 for a competition for musicians working with midi. The theme was Rotterdam and I translated this in music. The piece opens with 12 strokes of the clock. Then there is a dream-sequence about the bombing in the second world war and after the sound of an alarm, the city slowly awakens. Although the jury of the competition found it not very good and lacking in originality, I am still quite satisfied with it. There are some nice parts and perhaps some things which could be done better. The piece is transferred to Cubase and there is even a score available. In 1997 I started working on a revised version with better equipment and also in 1999 I worked on this. Sometimes I would like to improve some things, but on the other hand I think the composition wouldn't really benefit from it, because I think it will lose its cohesion. In that case I better write a complete new composition based on the same ideas.
February 2005 the idea of making a new recording has popped in my mind again. I found a recording on an old cassette-tape, with more stuff I originally recorded with my tape-deck, which was broken and couldn't be used anymore. I was still very happy with the composition and with my sampler I would be able to really improve some things. I doubt I will ever record a new version. I got an old tapedeck from a friend of my father and I have started to transfer old recordings, like this one, to CDR.



Instruments used for the recording:

Bit 99, Yamaha TX81Z, Commodore Amiga, Roland system-100 model 101

Instruments the music is written for:

Percussion (3 players)
Bass (2 players)
Violin (3 players)
Double bass
French horn