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This piece I wrote somewhere in the beginning of 1979 during the Dutch lessons at school. I wanted to write something in a modo conjuncto (for a description, look in a musical dictionary) for vibes, marimba and synthesizer. When I got the possibility to use the computer to play my music, I decided in September 1990 to feed the notes into the computer, so I could finally hear what this composition, which I wrote more then 10 years before, would sound like. To my suprise it sounded perhaps the way I expected it to be. The harmonies are quite modern and give the piece a uncommon fringe. It sounds dark and perhaps a bit minimal. On November the 23th in 1990 it was also recorded in the studio of Ferdi Lancee. In this version a cello-sound is used for the synthesizer-part.


7/10/'90, 23/11/'90

Instrument used for the recording at home:

Yamaha TX81Z

Instruments the music is written for:


To be found on:

Original version

Version recorded at Ferdi Lancee