I wrote this composition in January 1992 when I wanted to write something in the style of the music of the Belgium composer Wim Mertens. Because the group he originated to play his music was called 'Soft Verdict' I decided to name this piece 'Verdict'. The music doesn't sound really like the work of the before mentioned Belgium composer who I admire, but I like it anyway. After 2 minutes the piano takes a solo of 12 bars and three minutes after the start of the piece, the French horn part stops and the piano goes on for almost one and a half minute. There is a fade-out and four bars before the end, the music returns for a second ending with piano-chords. I had to puzzle quite some time to find out which solo-instrument I should use and finally decided to use the sound of a French horn.


24/4/'93, 6/12/'99

Instrument used for the recording:

E-mu Proteus/1

When I got my sampler, I decided to record it again, but this time with a sampled piano and a cor Anglais instead of a French horn, since the part for that instrument apeared to be out of its reach.



Instrument used for the recording:

Akai Z4 sampler

Instruments the music is written for:

French horn / cor Anglais

To be found on:

Original version

New version