Wein und Weib, aber kein Gesang im Dorf (Wine and woman, but no singing in the village)

For some time I played with the idea to write a composition for a group with at least two or three keyboardplayers and two drummers, a bit like the German group Zara-Thustra, which consisted of: Hermann Weindorf: vocals, keyboards; Berthold Weindorf: saxophone, Clemens Weindorf: French horn, keyboards, vocals; Alphons Weindorf: drums, percussion, vocals; Maximilian Sprenger: keyboards, vocals; and Walter Schwarz: drums, percussion, vocals. I started writing in January 2001 and ended my work in July the same year. It doesn'n sound like Zara-Thustra, but in a way it's always a challenge to work with some limitations, like a fixed set of instruments. On the other hand it has also its advantages to write something without any limitations.



Instruments used for the recording:

E-mu Proteus/1, Kawai K1 rII, Yamaha TX81Z

Instrument the music is written for:

Keyboards (3 players)
French horn
Drums (2 players)

To be found on: