Rare Bird Suite - part 1: Here I am

A quiet opening for my 'Rare bird suite', which is showing my timid side. The melody should be played by the flute and an accoustic guitar should be playing the chords. The keyboards provide a choral background and a choral second melody. Someone compared it with Mike Oldfield, something I hear more often from people listening to my music. I wrote it in 3 days at the end of July 2001.


9/6/'02, 7/7/'02

Instruments used for the recording:

E-mu Proteus/1

When I got my sampler, I decided to make a slight re-arrangement, by using the sampler for the flute and guitar



Instruments used for the recording:

E-mu Proteus/1, Akai Z4 sampler

Instruments the music is written for:

Acoustic guitar

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