Rare bird suite

Since the end of July 2001 I'm working on a piece entitled 'Rare Bird Suite', which is based on the lyrics of ‘Rare Bird', by Hoelderlin. These are about the German poet Friedrich Hölderlin, who spent a great part of his life in a tower in Tübingen. Because I sometimes feel isolated myself, I created a link between the lyrics and my own life too. The tower can be seen as a metaphore for my own isolation.
I had the idea to write a long piece based on this lyrics for the first time in 1993. It wasn't completed, because I couldn't decide in which direction it had to go. On one hand I would write something which could be played by a real rock-band and on the other hand I wanted to use everything I had in store and make it as orchestral as possible. Since I was satisfied with some parts I had, I decided to use them as seperate compositions. The opening part became 'Searching' and another part, probably the third one, became 'Rum und Sauerkraut'.
In 1994 I tried for the second time, but again I didn't get it right, so I stopped. This time nothing was used to create other songs.
I thought this time I would complete the suite, because I was also motivated by the people on my favorite website, who seemed to like my music. Besides I had decided not to worry about the fact if it can be played by a real rock-band or not.
After the death of my mother in December 2002 things went defenitly wrong, especially when most of 'Rare bird' was lost, I couldn't find the inspiration to go on. The first 7 parts were recorded on CDR, but alas this one deteriorated, so the recordings are lost. Only the mp3's can be found on SoundClick. In 2003 I started recording some parts again with the sampler, but this was also stopped, since I got inspiration to write some other stuff. I was planning to start re-recording things, but this time with my new 12-track harddiskrecorder. The idea was to record different parts after eachother on seperate tracks, so I could use different effects. It should be possible to do this with midi-synchronisation. Alas this gave a lot of computer-problems. In the end I have decided not to try this again, because midi-clock isn't rely a reliable source for synchronisation.
In 2010 I decided to start from scratch again, but after more or less completing the opening-part, I stopped.
I still want to write a completed composition, but no-one knows if I ever will succeed.

Part 1 - Here I am - 2:08
Part 2 - It's me - 2:27
Part 3 - Fields of thoughts and dreams 1 - 1:44
Part 4 - Hills and trees - 5:26
Part 5 - Fields of thoughts and dreams 2 - 1:38
Part 6 - A garden full of flowers 1 - 3:06
Part 7 - The tower
Part 8 - Rare bird - 14:29