Rare Bird Suite - part 8: Rare bird

This is the center part of 'Rare bird suite'. I'ts divided in six parts and it's inspired by the second verse of the lyrics of the Hoelderlin song. It starts with a theme, for piano, flute and bass-guitar. The bass is playing a bit melodic, together with the piano. This inspired by the first Renaissance-record. The flute-melody is used throughout the song, although it isn't always clearly hearable.
The second part is ‘The mask that grins and lies' and it starts with soprano and tenor-saxophone playing a variation on the theme. The bass-guitar plays along with the tenor-saxophone, while the electric guitar plays the chords. An organ provides a drone and the drumpart is concived according to the messing around principle.
After this the theme is taken over by a trumpet, with a second trumpet, playing a second melody, which is partly the same as the first one. The accompaniment should be played by 2 trumpets, a French horn, a trombone and a trumpet and is based on an reduced version of the melody.
The theme returns and is supposed to be played by oboe, electric piano and two cello's.
Alas on Friday, December the 13th 2002 things went terribly wrong and I lost the whole part. I only had a copy of the first part and the beginning of the second part, so I have to rewrite the whole thing again. Since my mother died on the 4th of December 2002, I didn't feel very creative, so the completion of this composition is postphoned. Actually it will never be completed.