Rare Bird Suite - part 7: The tower

The seventh part of 'Rare bird suite' is quite dark, symbolising the tower in which Friedrich Hölderlin lived for a large part of his life. It is a orchestral piece, with some brass playing some intertwined lines in the end. Besides there are some bird-whistles. It starts with some dark drumming, with timpanies and goes on in a rock-fasion. After some brass-chords we get a quiet passage. After this there is a part with something supposed to be a guitar solo and then the brass is setting in for the finishing touch. Alas the recording of this part seems to be lost and it can only be heard at SoundClick.


11/9/'02, 14/9/'02

Instruments used for the recording:

E-mu Proteus/1, Kawai K1 rII, Yamaha TX81Z, Creative Soundblaster Live! Platinum

Instrument the music is written for:

Electric guitars
3 Trumpets
Electric piano
Orchestral percussion

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