Sometimes, I feel...

Like 'Rotterdam' and other old compositions, this is a piece I have written with an old computer-program, which made my music sound very mechanical. It is the last composition for which I used the program DMCS. After this I switched to Grid, a program written by Frank Brinkman, who won a prize for originality with his composition 'Theemuts' (tea cosy) on a contest for musicians working with MIDI. This was organised by a foundation named 'Themuz', which brought me the idea to call the composition Frank Brinkman was writing for this contest, which I joined a year earlier with 'Rotterdam', 'Theemuts', because my parents used to change the name of the foundation to this word. 'Sometimes, I feel...' is also recorded in the studio by Ferdi Lancee. The piano in this version is fattened with a string-sound. Although it is written in 1990, it is a piece I'm still satisfied with and I transfered it to Cubase so I could record a better sounding version. It is also a bit inspired by the music of Wim Mertens, with different themes. It is one of my lengthier compositions and it should represent different moods.


22/10/'90, 23/11/'90

Instruments used for the recording at home:

Bit 99, Yamaha TX81Z

Instruments the music is written for:

French horn

To be found on:

Original version

Version recorded at Ferdi Lancee