Summer heath

I started to write this piece in August 2003. I was working on 'Rare Bird Suite', replacing some of the original parts with sounds of my new sampler, but perhaps partly due to the heath, I couldn't concentrate on it. Besides I wanted to write something new. Originally I wanted to do something with the help of a book about songwriting, but I couldn't really concentrate on it, so in the end I didn't use the book at all. I only used sounds from the sampler for this piece which was supposed to be a bit more traditional.



Instrument used for the recording:

Akai Z4 sampler with Pro Samples vol. 41 Solo Strings: Violin, Viola and Cello, and Pro Samples vol. 42 Session Instruments: Rhodes Stage Piano, Trumpet and Alto-sax

Instrument the music is written for:

Fender Rhodes piano
Alto sax
2 Violins
2 Violas

To be found on: