This is a piece of classical music, originally written for piano. When I wrote it, I had in mind a relatively quick pace, which an accelerando at the end. I also started with a rock-version of this piece, but this was never completed, altough I have the impression the bass-guitar and solo-guitar parts are fairly complete, so perhaps I will complete this version somewhere in the future. I never did something with the composition and when the violin-teacher, I mentioned before at 'Branoul' and 'Calling in the desert', published a new novel, I gave him the score as a present. When he had read the piece he wrote he had played it on violin, which was in most of the piece possible. When played pizzicato it sounded quite interesting. This brought the idea to record it with harpsichord-sounds. He also suggested a slower pace and this is the way it was recorded. I recorded also a version for piano, on a recordable CD.


31/5/'97, 5/12/'99, 31/1/'00

Instruments used for the recording:

E-mu Proteus/1, Kawai K1 rII, Yamaha TX81Z

When I got my sampler, I decided to record it again, but this time with a sampled piano.



Instrument used for the recording:

Akai Z4 sampler

Instrument the music is written for:

Piano / harpsichord

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