Renate Methöfer and Hans Günther Boddin

When Hans Günther Boddin, from Bonn, Germany, contacted me at some point in 2006, because he wanted to do something with my composition 'Summer heath', I send him a midi-file of my composition and he worked it into something new. This was the start of a musical collaboration. We needed a name for it and I came up with 'Hyperions Fate'. I choose this name after a poem by Friedrich Hölderlin, entitled 'Hyperions Schicksalslied', which translates into 'Hyperion's Fate Song'. Hans Günther agreed with this name and thus this became the name of our collaboration.

Hans Günther has used everything, including several unfinished compositions for Hyperions Fate music. Alas I don't work as fast as he did and the collaboration more or less ended some years ago. The last few years I didn't compose anything and although I'm picking up composing again, I don't know if there will ever be new Hyperions Fate music. Hans Günther has had some serious health problems and we don't have much contact nowadays.