Started with piano-lessons.


Bought my first synthesizer, a Roland System 100 Model 101 semi-modular, and started playing with a class-mate, who played harmonium, recorder and did some vocals and a friend of his on guitar.


Wrote my first composition for marimba, vibes and synthesizer. I stopped my piano-lessons, because I was more interested in composing and I realised I would never become some sort of Rick Wakeman.


Bought a Yamaha SK10 symphonic ensemble, which was a combination between a simple organ, string-ensemble and brass and started recording improvisations. Later I added a Musinco electric piano to my instruments.


Made music for a fashion-show in the Congressgebouw in The Hague.


Bought a Fostex X15 4-track cassette-deck and added a Roland Dr. Rhythm DR 110 drum-computer, a Sound Master Latin Percussion machine and a Roland TB 303 bassline.


Made music for a piece of video-art entitled "Point-zero". The Yamaha SK10 and Musinco electric piano were sold and replaced by a Bit 99.


Started using the computer for my music. I also bought a Yamaha TX81Z as my first multitimbral module.


I took part in a competition for musicians working with midi, with my composition "Rotterdam". It didn't make it to the final. I also recorded 3 compositions in a professional studio, with better instruments.


Bought a Kawai K1rII synthesizer module, which also had a drum-module. This made it possible to go in a more rock orientated direction.


Did a course in sound-engineering and my parents bought me a Emu Proteus/1, which had a much better piano-sound than any of my other synthesizers. I wrote a piece to celebrate the five years existence of Literary theatre Branoul in The Hague. This resulted in the commision to write music to go with some poems by Emily Dickinson, which would also be performed in the same theatre.


I bought a new mixer and switched to an Atari computer and Cubase.


At the end of this year I released a CDR with classical music entitled ‘Electronic chamber music and more'.


My collection of instruments was augumented with a sampler, which my father bought me.


Started a collaboration with German musician Hans Günther Boddin, as Hyperions Fate


Decided to use a new monniker for my music, because I wanted to change my music. This became the very short-lived Astralis.


Started a course professional webdesign


Finished the course professional webdesign. Decided to return to my old monniker Rare Bird Productions for my music.