At the end of 1994, I started using the name Rare Bird Productions, to pay a tribute to my favorite group Hoelderlin. This German group has recorded a song called ‘Rare bird', which I liked very much. Besides this, I felt the lyrics, which were about the German poet Friedrich Hölderlin, described my own feelings as well. At first I used it infrequently for the designs of inlays for various demo-tapes, but later on I used it as a project name for my music, perhaps to be compared with the name ‘Alan Parsons Project', or ‘Ayreon', which are merely the vehicles for the musical ideas of one person. Other musicians to complete ‘Rare Bird Productions' are still to be found. Although my music is regular praised by fellow musicians, I can't find people to play it. Most musicians who play in groups, want to play their own music.

The logo is very much inspired by the cover of ‘Rare Birds', the record on which the song ‘Rare Bird' is to be found. The design of this cover is made by Christian von Grumbkow. At first, the bird had a small bill, but because this caused to much similarity with the original birds-head on the cover, I changed it to be more like the bill of a kiwi.


Near the fields of thoughts and dreams,
behind the hills, behind the trees,
in a garden, full of flowers,
lives a rare bird in a tower.

He wears the mask, that grins and lies,
it hides his cheeks and shades his eyes,
could be your friend, could be your foe,
you must find out, he will not show!

Dreams appear and move like flowers,
climbing up the mental towers.
You sigh and mumble quite confused
or you awake amused...

The bird comes floating into your dreams,
when night still hovers in your room,
When winds stirr soft through springing grass,
the river flows, like a stream of glass

Christian von Grumbkow