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The songs on this album were originally recorded without a sampler, but the version on Bandcamp contains some rerecorded versions, which were done with the sampler.

This is my first CDR, which contains classical orientated music. Except 'Italian concerto' I wrote all of it. All playing is done by computer. Some stuff is re-recorded and might appear on future releases, like 'Keeping the balance', which contains a re-recording of 'Branoul'. The cover was made with pictures I made in Finland. Main ingredients are a part of the monument for Sibelius in Helsinki and the pipes of a church-organ in Helsinki.

Review - Background Magazine

The staff of this magazine features quite a few people who play music themselves. The only Dutch member who has released something so far (to my knowledge) is Mrs. Methöfer, who already did some (low profile) tapes in the past. Here's a demo CD with music that is exactly what the title says it is: electronic classically oriented chamber music. Electronic through the instrumentation (keyboards and MIDI). The classical influences are obvious - Renate even does a fine version of Bach's 'Italian concerto', but also her solo-pieces show more than a nod towards that kind of music. The chamber music feel is enhanched by the fact that the arrangements sound rather minimal - i.e. most of the time it sounds as if just a few instruments (like harpsichord and a few wind instruments) are playing together. And yes, that's what chamber music is all about.
Most of the pieces are quite good, by the way; I particularly like to mention 'Italian concerto' and the piano-oriented 'Branoul' (which seems to have a slight touch of Wakeman), but over the entire playing time, the disk lacks a bit of variation in sound. The music would definitely benefit greatly from interaction with other instruments, I think. The talent is present - for now I would recommend the album mainly to people into Tomita, Wendy Carlos and the like.
*** (Carsten)

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